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Allan Got this for a caravan trip with the family. Absolutely brilliant, works like a dream, great quality pictures and you get all the channels you need to keep everyone entertained...cant really ask for more.
BILLY SANTO I love the amount of channels that I receive and it is only for one initial payment I love that I have no more monthly cable bills.
TRODDEN After reading all the reviews on this product, I felt it was the right product to buy, although I did think that it would be"ok" I am absolutely delighted, brilliant , just follow the instructions, I got 102 channels, very impressed.
Tanya Very useful, works well in a hard to reach signal area.
McCullough WOW! What a powerful little aerial. Before Id even had a chance to retune, this little power magnet had already given me way better reception than the fitted aerial in the wall. Once tuned in (which took mere seconds) it manage to pick up a whopping 136 high quality channels. Id say my only criticism is that theres no stand, just suction cups. However, thats not enough to change my rating. Id highly recommend this to anyone looking for a better way to tune in their TV.
Mr S Works surprisingly well as its very different to other aerial configurations. Worth buying


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