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Max Signal LTD is a privately owned company committed to delivering advanced technological products that exceed our client's expectations. The company, whose corporate headquarters are located in Bristol, UK, operates throughout Europe.


Max Signal was founded with the sole purpose of delivering high performance Digital and HDTV Antenna systems as well as wireless solution products for individual, commercial and industrial use.


In order to execute their mission, the team of our experienced and dedicated professionals carried out comprehensive research on the global antenna industry, testing a variety of developed wireless devices and antennas from the world’s top developers and manufacturers. Their performance test results were meticulously analyzed while a significant factor that was also taken into account was the price to performance ratio of each product.

The result of our extensive research is indisputable. In the world of wireless devices and antennas, no name is more respected than that of Dr. Argy Petros, cofounder and Chief Technical Officer of RGTECH Inc. This brilliant 22 patents holder and NASA Space Technology Hall of Fame scientist, has managed to transform space technology into top quality and performance devices beyond expectation.


In Max Signal Ltd we are excited and proud to announce that we have been associated with RGTECH Inc. as the sole distributor of RGTECH's antennas and devices in Europe.


RGTECH's top quality and best-selling HDTV Monarch Antennas are already available in Europe through Max-Signal Ltd and GPS, HD radio, Satellite radio, WLAN/Wi-Fi, Radio AM/FM/WB, Cellular, Multi-band and other sophisticated antennas will soon be available.


Due to the fact that we deal directly with end users we are able to constantly collect detailed feedback on the obstacles and difficulties they face when they are trying to operate devices that receive wireless or HDTV signals. This allows us to evolve and adjust based on specific demands thus being able to provide cost effective customer driven solutions.

The best proof for the confidence we have in our products is the extensive warranty we provide for our products coupled with the 30-day Money Back guarantee allowing end users to practically put our products to the test in order to experience their quality at first hand.

We look forward to serving you!

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